Shadow Track

Biometric Voice Verification

ShadowTrack® from iSECUREtrac is an interactive voice response system coupled with biometric authentication technology.

The ShadowTrack system is programmed to track participants with a combination of random, scheduled, inbound and outbound calls from an authorized telephone located at home, work, or any other sanctioned location. During a verification call, ShadowTrack validates the participant’s telephone number and authenticates the participant’s identity by comparing their voice to a voice print taken during the enrollment process. During the call a participant is asked a series of questions that will confirm their identity. As an option, ShadowTrack can also interview the enrollee by asking a series of customizable questions.

Benefits of ShadowTrack Voice Verification:

Voice Biometrics. ShadowTrack Incorporates Nuance Verifier, the leading voice authentication software in the market.

Web-based Platform. Access information from your standard internet browser 24 hours a day with nothing to install.

Built in Messaging. ShadowTrack contains a powerful messaging system capable of delivering messages to one, multiple or all participants. The participant has the capability to leave a voice message for the supervising agent, who is notified by email.

Participant Pay Option. Participants can have payment auto drafted out of their checking account or debit/credit card.

Multilingual. English and Spanish; plus extra language prompts are available.

Multiple Restricted Locations. Unlimited restricted locations can be scheduled for a participant such as home, work, treatment, etc.

Caseload Management. ShadowTrack indicates the exact date and time a participant checked in, ShadowTrack is also configured to interface with your current caseload management software as long as it supports import fractions.

Alert Notifications. Your agency can be alerted of a client’s noncompliance via e-mail, phone, pager, fax or PDF.

Reports. ShadowTrack provides a complete history of when and where all calls are made.

Anti-Fraud. Safeguards against three-way conferencing, prerecorded responses, and call forwarding are built into ShadowTrack.

Customer Support Center. A toll-free support line is available24/7/365. Additionally, free ID cards are provided to each offender with their check in phone number, account number, personal identification number and call schedule.

Required Equipment. A landline telephone with basic touch-tone service and call waiting is all that is required for the ShadowTrack program. Call forwarding, call conferencing, and anonymous call blocker/privacy director and VOIP telephone services are not allowed. However, ShadowTrack has anti-fraud features to combat call forwarding attempts in the event the telephone features are not removed.

For more information or to request an on-site demo of iSECUREtrac systems, services and software, email or call toll-free 866.537.0022 ext. 5666