House Arrest

Location and Curfew Management

A House Arrest System enables corrections agencies to verify an individual's presence in (or absence from) a designated location, typically their home. Schedules are defined during which they must be home and in some cases when they must not be home. For example, juveniles are often required to be away from home during school hours.

The system consists of two components: a Home Monitoring Receiver Unit (HMRU) and an RF transmitter bracelet. The RF transmitter, worn on the offender's ankle, typically sends out a radio signal one or more times a minute. The HMRU monitors the participant's presence by continuously "listening" for the RF signal. Each time the participant goes beyond the range of the HMRU, the HMRU records loss of the signal, each time the participant returns within range the HMRU records a signal in range. These data are then compared with the curfew schedule to determine if the participant is in compliance with the schedule.

For example, an officer can set the participant's house arrest schedule so that he/she is required to be home between 6:00PM and 7:00AM. Most "House Arrest" or home curfew systems send the raw activity data to the host computer and the host computer determines the compliance.

iSECUREtrac's home monitoring receiver has onboard intelligence and determines curfew compliance without sending data to the host computer every time the participant comes in range or goes out of range of the receiver.

The HMRU continuously cross-checks this schedule with the participant's RF proximity. If the participant violates the schedule (isn't back in the house by 6:00PM, for example), the HMRU records a violation.

If the individual takes off the transmitter or tampers with it, the transmitter sends out a unique signal alerting the home unit of the violation. The HMRU then communicates with the host computer which, in turn, alerts the appropriate authorities.

Unparalleled Flexibility

iSECUREtrac also affords agencies the option of switching from house arrest mode to active or passive GPS with the "flip of a switch" over the Internet. For an individual on iSECUREtrac Active GPS, for example, who has demonstrated his willingness to comply with all program terms and conditions, a reduction in monitoring intensity to House Arrest can be used as positive reinforcement of his/her compliance. Alternatively, an individual who repeatedly violates the terms of their House Arrest can be switched to iSECUREtrac Active GPS, a more intensive form of electronic monitoring, as a sanction for continued non-compliance and as an alternative to re-incarceration.

The advantages of iSECUREtrac House Arrest system include:

  • The capability of moving from less intensive electronic supervision to more intensive supervision and vice versa in response to compliant or non-compliant behavior.
  • Cost-effective electronic monitoring for "low risk" offenders.
  • Independent and reliable confirmation of program compliance.

The agency uses a single electronic monitoring case management application for GPS, House Arrest/Curfew Management and Alcohol Monitoring. This software can be accessed from virtually any PC connected to the Internet. No additional software is needed. While logged on, an officer can access and change participant information and can create edit, and delete schedules/curfews. When officers need access to participant activity data and don't have access to a computer or the Internet, they can simply call our monitoring service center. Monitoring staff are on site 24 hours a day and are available to help when needed.

Most agencies use a combination of systems in their community supervision programs. To determine which iSECUREtrac systems (Ultra-Active GPS, Active GPS, Passive GPS and House Arrest) are most appropriate for your agency, it's recommended that you and your iSECUREtrac representative discuss supervision goals, the risk to public safety from individuals participating in the program, and other program parameters.

For more information or to request an on-site demo of iSECUREtrac systems, services and software, email or call toll-free 866.537.0022.